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MateEditMainWindow Class Reference

#include <mateedit.h>

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Detailed Description

Application Main Window.

Andreas Ramm <psychobrain@gmx.net>

Definition at line 133 of file mateedit.h.

Public Slots

void connectionClosed ()
void connectionConnected ()
void connectionError (int)
void connectionPending ()
void initObject ()
void sendChatMessage ()
void slotEditCopy ()
void slotEditCut ()
void slotEditPaste ()
void slotEditRedo ()
void slotEditUndo ()
void slotFileNew ()
void slotFileOpen ()
void slotFileQuit ()
void slotFileSave ()
void slotFileSaveAs ()
void slotFind ()
void slotPrint ()
void slotReplace ()
void slotSetLastChatVisible ()
void slotSpelling ()
void slotTextfieldModified (bool)

Public Member Functions

QString getText ()
bool mateEditChatMessage (const QString &text)
bool mateEditDeleteText (const QString &text, const MateEdit::MessageCoords &from, const MateEdit::MessageCoords &to)
bool mateEditInit (int user_number, QString &username, QImage &image)
bool mateEditInitUser (int user_number, const QString &name, const QImage &image)
bool mateEditInsertText (const QString &text, const MateEdit::MessageCoords &from, const MateEdit::MessageCoords &to)
 MateEditMainWindow ()
bool mateEditMessage (const QString &text)
bool mateEditRemoveUser (int user_number, const QString &name)
bool mateEditSessionClosed (const QString &reason)

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *)

Protected Attributes

KAction * editCopy
KAction * editCut
KAction * editPaste
KAction * editRedo
KAction * editUndo
KAction * fileNew
KAction * fileOpen
KAction * fileQuit
KAction * fileSave
KAction * fileSaveAs
KAction * find
KLineEdit * m_chat_edit
KListBox * m_chat_list
unsigned int m_color_selection
QString m_filename
Q_UINT32 m_local_pc
QSplitter * m_splitter
KTextEdit * m_textfield
QTimer m_timer
QIconViewItem * m_user_icons [MATEEDIT_MAX_USERS]
KIconView * m_user_view
KAction * print
QValueStack< int > redo_stack
KAction * replace
KAction * spelling
QValueStack< int > undo_stack

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